Be Happy

Become genuinely and deeply happy to achieve more in life through our amazing mind enhancing subliminal program!

  • Do you often feel empty and discontented with what you have in life?
  • Is your sense of unhappiness keeping you from realizing your goals?
  • Are your thoughts often restless or sadly filled with regrets?
  • Do you always find things you don’t like about yourself and others?
  • Do you find it hard to imagine yourself with a rewardingly bright future?
  • Do you struggle in bouncing back from past mistakes?

No matter what external factors you seek, you won’t find true and lasting happiness unless you start to change your inner mindset.  You see, the root source of genuine happiness comes from within- not from the outside.

Allow our surprisingly simple and quick subliminal program to bring about a renewed sense of happiness by generating happy thoughts in your mind both consciously and subconsciously.  This program will help you:

  • feel absolutely great and fully energized about being happy
  • freely recognize and take advantage of opportunities that will make you happy
  • be more appreciative of what you presently have and empowered to use them to leap forward to your goals
  • willfully embrace a more cheerful mood and outlook everyday
  • transform feelings of happiness into productive actions that make you absorb and spread more happiness
  • eagerly look forward to starting each day and ending it with a sense of happiness and satisfaction

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4 “Anytime/ Anywhere” tracks with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages in 4 soundscapes



1 Silent Subliminal Track with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages



2 – Brainwave Programming Tracks (15 and 30-minute versions):



1 – Sleep Programming Track:



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Sample of Be Happy Question Affirmations

How much can I exuberantly enjoy being adored for my optimistic outlook?

Why is having a refreshingly positive view of myself and others being strongly attracted to me?

Why is being fabulously known for my happy and positive attitude now so empowering?

Why am I always picturing myself with a glowingly bright future?

How marvelous does readily enjoying every moment of the day look from my perspective?

Why am I always imagining myself as warmly surrounded by love and happiness?

Why am I so eagerly grateful for all the wonderfully great things happening to me?

What new amazing random acts of kindness can I take now that I choose to be freely loving and happy?

How many ways can I find acting and behaving like a deeply fulfilled person to be natural for me?

How many ways can I joyously discover that life just feels miraculously great all the time?

The “Be Happy” Inner Asking subliminal program gives you the opportunity  to finally have that sense of joy in your heart that no one and nothing can take.  Have our program maximize on your mind’s abilities to effortlessly make happiness second nature to you.

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Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)


Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)