End Chocolate Addiction

Put an end to your chocolate addiction so you can begin eating and living healthier!

  • Do you constantly experience chocolate cravings, even during inappropriate hours of the day?
  • Do you often feel as if chocolate addiction has taken control over you, instead of the other way around?
  • Does allowing yourself few bites of chocolates make you crave more?
  • Are chocolate cravings keeping you from losing weight and becoming healthy?
  • Do you often have the urge to indulge in chocolate when stressed, sad, or upset?
  • Have you unsuccessfully tried mind controlling techniques before to curb chocolate addiction?

Who doesn’t love chocolates? But although you can indulge in their sweet, rich flavors from time to time, it becomes a problem the moment you can’t control your urges and chocolate start contributing to health risks like weight gain and heart problems, while keeping you from eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle.

Yet, no matter how much you want to overcome your chocolate addiction, it seems like you can’t stop your stomach or taste buds from having these urges.

Because the problem lies not in your stomach, but within your mind.

With End Chocolate Addiction Inner Asking Subliminal Program, you can now have the mental advantage to stop chocolate addiction once and for all.

But Inner Asking differs from all other positive subliminal products because it harnesses the power of asking empowering, positive questions combined with patented brainwave entrainment technology.

Result? Powerful beliefs naturally penetrate your subconscious and stimulate your own mind to willingly stop chocolate addiction for good.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Boost your motivation and appreciation for indulging in healthier snacks
  • Reduce your chocolate cravings to a healthier level
  • Rewire your mind to increase mental strength in resisting chocolate cravings
  • Replace a helpless attitude with more empowering beliefs about controlling chocolate addiction
  • Subliminally modify behavioral patterns that prompt you to keep eating chocolates

Your Set Comes With…

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4 “Anytime/ Anywhere” tracks with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages in 4 soundscapes



1 Silent Subliminal Track with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages



2 – Brainwave Programming Tracks (15 and 30-minute versions):



1 – Sleep Programming Track:



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Sample of End Chocolate Addiction Question Affirmations

How much can I blissfully enjoy having a wonderfully healthy relationship to chocolate?

What fabulously thrilling sensations in my body let me know that I am already boldly in control of any chocolate cravings?

Why is being joyously free from chocolate cravings now so spectacularly terrific?

Why am I always imagining myself being decisively strong in the face of chocolate cravings?

What’s it like proudly seeing myself as happily satisfied eating healthy foods?

Why is confidently creating rock solid discipline and self-control now so sensationally effortless for me?

Why is my mind such a powerful magnet for being naturally free of chocolate cravings?

How many ways can I perform noble acts since I enthusiastically fuel my body with the healthiest foods possible?

Why is it so easy for me to achieve balance now that I am gaining healthy control over my urges?

How many ways can I excitingly discover that eating healthy snacks is delightfully enjoyable?

Don't you think it's about time you should stop being a “chocoholic” and successfully beat your cravings?

Because of End Chocolate Addiction Inner Asking, you can now naturally establish healthier relationship to chocolate and enjoy better health!

Try it now...

Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)