Get Motivated!

Boost your self-motivation and fast-track your way towards realizing your goals!

  • Do you easily lose interest or get bored?
  • Do you always end up not finishing the task you started?
  • Do you often believe you’re helpless to change the outcome of any situation?
  • Do you require constant encouraging or nudging before you act on things you know you need to do?
  • Is chronic procrastination stopping you from becoming more ambitious or seizing opportunities?
  • Have you tried many motivational programs yet still get frustrated by a lack of drive?

If you constantly lack proper motivation, you’ll struggle to get things done which will ultimately keep you from realizing your goals. And while external sources like money, promotion, good grades, compliments or a role model can get you inspired, they only provide temporary and superficial drive.

Deep and long lasting motivation needs to come from the mind. Fortunately, the Get Motivated Inner Asking subliminal program prompts your subconscious to find ways to get you passionately driven. The result? Motivation driven from within will give you far greater, more lasting results than motivation from without.

With Get Motivated Inner Asking, you can expect to:

  • Be fired up with bursts of positive energy so you’re always on the go
  • Sustain zealous momentum to finish what you started
  • Easily find interesting or enjoyable aspects in any situation
  • Feel empowered to initiate and create changes on your own
  • Subliminally reprogram your mind to recognize the positive side of things that get you excited
  • Recognize and appreciate your skills to surpass your own standards
  • Develop strong discipline and resiliency despite challenges

Your Set Comes With…

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4 “Anytime/ Anywhere” tracks with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages in 4 soundscapes



1 Silent Subliminal Track with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages



2 – Brainwave Programming Tracks (15 and 30-minute versions):



1 – Sleep Programming Track:



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Sample of Get Motivated! Question Affirmations

How much can I zestfully enjoy being always ready to go now that I passionately make everything I do creatively fun?

Why is proudly seeing my plans to completion being powerfully attracted to me?

How invigorating does being full of energy and readily living life to the fullest look from my perspective?

How quickly can I master wisely acting on my inner motivations to energetically keep my momentum flowing?

Why do I now comfortably think, feel and act like a blissfully inspired and motivated person?

How uplifting can I find being super-motivated and excited about my life?

What new bold actions can I take now to magnificently translate my positive thoughts into wonderful reality?

Why is it empowering to now have an enthusiastic drive flowing to and from me?

Why is my mind such a precious magnet for vivaciously fueling my passions?

What’s it like to attain harmony because I resiliently approach my entire life with a renewed passion and drive?

Isn't it time you stop quitting and start fueling your passions to achieve your goals? Because of Inner Asking, you can become a natural go-getter and enjoy a more productive, proactive and successful future!

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Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)


Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)