Think Positively!

Develop a positive mindset and start enjoying the enormous benefits that come from thinking positively.

  • Do you always see the negative side of things?
  • Are you often fearful to start new things because of what may go wrong?
  • Do you constantly struggle with low self-esteem?
  • Do you usually picture the worst case scenarios in every situation?
  • Do you envy those who effortlessly draw positive results all the time?
  • Have you tried many positive thinking products out there with no results?

Negative thoughts don’t just stay in your mind. If you keep thinking negatively, your thought patterns start manifesting in your habits and character. Eventually, this has a snowball effect where you start attracting only negative consequences that will simply self-fulfill and aggravate your poor perception of yourself, others and situations.

To break out of this cycle, you need to start with the root cause, your mind. That’s where the “Think Positively!” Inner Asking program comes in. Inner Asking helps you to completely overwrite your negative beliefs super-fast.

But Inner Asking goes far beyond all other positive subliminal/ affirmation products, which you may have unsuccessfully tried before. Harnessing the power of questions combined with patented brainwave entrainment technology, Inner Asking naturally penetrates your subconscious mind to naturally and powerfully stimulate your own mind to thing new and positive thoughts.

So unlike other positive affirmation products that try to force beliefs into your brain, Inner Asking allows your brain to start creating and creatively exploring the right questions on its own so you can begin thinking in positive ways–willingly and more profoundly!

Here’s how it can help you:

  • Naturally recognize the positive side in every situation
  • Subliminally train your mind to think happy thoughts when it comes to change
  • Easily appreciate things you previously didn’t realize about yourself
  • Stimulate your mind to be confident when it comes to new challenges
  • Develop a more optimistic and resilient attitude despite mistakes or failures
  • Adopt strong beliefs that you’re absolutely deserving of success, love and happiness

Your Set Comes With…

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4 “Anytime/ Anywhere” tracks with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages in 4 soundscapes



1 Silent Subliminal Track with exclusive InnerAsking subliminal messages



2 – Brainwave Programming Tracks (15 and 30-minute versions):



1 – Sleep Programming Track:



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Sample of Think Positively! Question Affirmations

How much other pleasant emotions can I experience just from being optimistic?

What’s it like to feel absolutely capable of doing anything?

What’s it like being readily open to whatever life brings me?

Why am I always imagining myself as effortlessly succeeding?

Why am I always picturing myself cheerfully embracing each new day?

How does giving thanks for always seeing the bright side feel?

How easily can I master creating my own achievements now that I’m a positive thinker?

How fast can I master thinking happy thoughts now that I enjoy life?

Why is my mind such a strong magnet for quickly attracting positive ideas?

How fast can I forgive others now that I see the positive in everyone?

Isn’t it time to finally put an end to the pessimistic thoughts and attitudes that keep you from seizing all the amazing opportunities life has to offer? Just imagine how much more you can achieve just by thinking positively. With Inner Asking, you can now successfully tamp down your negative thoughts and finally enjoy the incredible benefits of having a positive mindset!

Give it a go...

Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)


Buy MP3 Set 39.99
Buy CD Set 49.99(Free Shipping)

(45-55% Savings - For a Limited Time)